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National Park Tourists
- The Adventure Continues -

The Adventure Continues ...

Excerpted in large part from Outside Magazine, May 1995, pp. 120-121

These are supposedly actual questions asked by tourists at various U.S. national parks ...

Zion National Park: What is your best parking area?

Mount Rainier National Park: Where's the road to the summit?

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore: Don't you think the polluted sky makes a much prettier sunset?
(Obviously someone who voted for Newt)

Grand Canyon National Park:

  • Was this man-made?
  • Do you light it up at night?
  • I bought tickets for the elevator to the bottom -- where is it?
  • Is the mule train air-conditioned?
  • So where are the faces of the presidents?
  • Why did the Indians only build ruins?

    Everglades National Park:

  • Are the alligators real?
  • Are the baby alligators for sale?
  • Where are all the rides?
  • What time does the two o'clock bus leave?

    Mesa Verde National Park:

  • Did people build this, or did Indians?
  • Why did they build the ruins so close to the road?
  • Do you know of any undiscovered ruins?
  • What did they worship in the kivas -- their own made-up religion?
  • Why did the Indians decide to live in Colorado?

    Carlsbad Caverns National Park:

  • How much of the cave is underground?
  • So what's in the unexplored part of the cave?
  • Does it ever rain in here?
  • How many ping-pong balls would it take to fill this up?
  • So what is this -- just a hole in the ground?

    Yosemite National Park:

  • Where are the cages for the animals?
  • What time of year do you turn on Yosemite Falls?
  • What happened to the other half of Half Dome?
  • Can I get my picture taken with the carving of President Clinton?

    Denali National Park:

  • What time do you feed the bears?
  • What time do they let the animals out in the park?
  • What's so wonderful about Wonder Lake?
  • Can you show me where yeti lives?
  • How often do you mow the tundra?
  • How much does Mount McKinley weigh?

    Yellowstone National Park:

  • Does Old Faithful erupt at night?
  • How do you turn it on?
  • When does the guy who turns it on get to sleep?
  • We had no trouble finding the park entrances, but where are the exits?

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