Last Updated Jun 30, 2001

This is a collection of OVER 700 AND GROWING jokes which I have gathered over the years and have decided to share with everyone.

Some of them are down right nasty, filthy, dirty, disgusting, etc., you name it; others are biased to the hilt, slanted, include sexual content, not necessarily the way things really are; but they are all jokes (some will have you rolling on the floor holding your stomach in while others may turn your stomach out) but they were all sent to me by somebody via E-mail. As I never bothered to find out who wrote them, and usually 99 times out of 100, the person who sent you the joke didn't actually write it himself, I have no way of knowing who wrote them or even how to find out who wrote them.

Thus, if you are the owner of one of the jokes listed herein and wish that your name/contact info be included with the joke, please let me know and I'll include that information within the joke if you can prove that you are the creator or remove it from the listed joke with a simple explanation as to why I should remove it.

None of these jokes were originally written by me and they DO NOT necessarily reflect any of my own personal opinions; although my personal additions to some of them are duely noted!

If you OBJECT to any of the content of this HUMOR page, then BROWSE NO FURTHER, otherwise, these jokes are just here to share a laugh with others... so ENJOY!!!

You can scroll from joke to joke using the or (left or right) previous/next joke cursor buttons at the top of each page or you can use the frame window on the left to jump directly to the desired subtopic or each individual joke. For those who don't like using frames, click [NO FRAMES].

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