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Some trues examples of frivolous lawsuits in Texas:

Some trues examples of frivolous lawsuits in Texas:

A woman sued a man because he swore at her in traffic. He offered to meet her and apologize,
but she refused and filed suit for $5,000. She won $2,500 at the trial court level, but the
decision was reversed on appeal because she failed to prove her distress was more than what a
reasonable person could endure.

A man in Fort Worth filed a lawsuit against Elvis Presley
Enterprises, contending that the King faked his death and ran off to live a normal life. He
says he knows for certain that Elvis is alive because he has had frequent telephone calls from

A South Texas man borrowed his neighbor's lawn mower. While mowing his own yard, he fell
and pulled the lawn mower over his own foot. He sued his neighbor for $235,000. The jury
awarded him nothing.

An inmate sued the county jail because he claimed there was an abundance
of feathers near his cell and he was allergic to feathers, which caused his asthma to act up.
The assistant district attorney commented, "A jailbird should never be complaining about
feathers." The inmate then sued the newspaper that reported the comment, claiming the guards
made fun of him after they read it.

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