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New Tax Form MPD-1040

New Tax Form MPD-1040

New Tax Form MPD-1040 Form MPD - Certain deductions are available for those who qualify as multiple personalities in the current tax year. Deductions will reduce your taxable income or increase your refund even if it exceeds your income. To qualify, you must pass the following screening test.

1. Mono-personalities with mood swings do not qualify, even if you have been accused of multiplicity.

2. PMS, mid-life crisis, and Monday morning syndrome do not qualify.

3. You qualify if you agree that you are multiple, even if some of you do not admit it, or if some of you agree but others do not but would admit it if they did, or all of you agree to disagree. If you understand this statement, you automatically qualify and may proceed.


____Claim the number of dependents in your system here.

____Stand back and let the independents claim themselves here.

____TOTAL: Add this number to the total exemption in form 1040.


____Enter all the costs of therapy sessions, including transportation, bandaids, multiple personality wardrobes, cost of therapy and value of your time in training your therapist.

____Check here if you would like these expenses deducted from your income and added to the income of your perpetrator(s).

____Check here if you think the perpetrator(s) should be audited by the IRS. If it turns out they owe additional funds to the IRS, where should we send you the check?

____Add five cents deduction for every time you have heard or read that multiple personality was presumed to be a disorder.

____TOTAL: Subtract this amount from the income portion of your form 1040.

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