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Couple Doing Yard Work

Couple Doing Yard Work

A couple was doing yard work and landscaping and after a few long hours the wife finished up and decided to go up and take a shower while hubby put away the tools.

Meanwhile, he put everything away, but couldn't find the rake. In that clueless manner that men can't seem to find things on their own, he decided to yell to his wife for help.

She heard him bellowing something, so she looked out the upstairs bathroom window, and couldn't understand as he asked, "Where's the rake?"

He figured she couldn't hear him, so he pointed to his eye [I] pointed to his knee [need] and then made some raking motions.
"Whuh?" she mumbled and then watched him do the routine again ... this time she got it.

After his choreography, she looked to make sure the coast was clear and then approached the window nude. In full view from outside, she pointed to her eye, squeezed her left breast, slapped her ass and then rubbed her crotch.

Hubby was a bit confused, but totally aroused, so he raced into the house, up the stairs, and into the bathroom, forgetting about the yard and hoping to plant one last thing before calling it a day.

"Whoa ... easy on the Miracle Grow!" she said, adding, "what I TRIED to tell you was that ... eye ... left tit ...behind ... the bush."

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